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Friday, August 2, 2013

How to do professional guest blogging

Guest blogging can be described as the practice of writing articles for blogs, as a guest author, with the intention of getting more exposure for your website or blog with regards to brand recognition, traffic or backlink building. Although sometimes a guest blogger might target only one of the above, most of the time it is done for all of them. Usually, a post written for a blog by a non-regular author, often to enjoy the above benefits, is recognized as a guest post.
As Google is always targeting sites with low quality content, it is getting harder to get a guest post published on high ranking websites. While most websites have raised the bar for the quality of guest posts, some have stopped accepting them altogether. So how can you thrive as a professional guest blogger with all these obstacles? Well, here’s how…

Target audience research

The most basic step is “reading”. When you decide to write an article on a specific subject for a blog, do a quick internet search and find the latest posts on that topic, and read them end to end. Then go to the target blog and go through the most popular posts. Do not forget to go through the comments as well. Check what people have tweeted about it. Basically, read as much as you can. Familiarize with your target audience and the blog to the point that you have no doubt about your post doing well. Even if you do not do anything else, this step alone will put your guest post leaps and bounds ahead of others.

Keyword research

Keyword research is another key aspect of writing a professional guest post. The bigger the blogs that you publish your guest posts on, the more value it would add to your websites SEO. You will be able to benefit from all the SEO work they have already done for their website and drive more click-through traffic to your website, for keywords you would otherwise never be able to get any search traffic.
In addition, as the backlinks from your guest posts gets older, your article will easily rank better in search engines for the relevant keywords, due to all the link juice it is getting through all high quality websites. Remember that a little keyword research will take your article a long way.

On-page optimization

After doing all the research, it is time to write your guest post. Remember that the best way of writing a successful blog post is by engaging in a dialog with the readers. But do not forget about the search engines. If you want your articles to rank well in search engines for a keyword or a phrase, you have to tell it what your article is about. Optimize your article for your target keywords to best of your ability. Do not just think about what the post is going to do for you. Think about the long term value it could bring.

Optimize your byline

Most of the websites will let you add a small byline at the end of your article. This is the best (sometimes the only) place to persuade the readers to visit your website and increase the click through traffic. Optimize the byline well and, if possible, link it to a special landing page on your website.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why do people like to listen to music in different languages?

As an avid fan of music who cannot even imagine of living in a dimension without music, I do a lot of research and thinking about different types of music, different instruments, different music programs and musical cultures. I love listening to songs in different languages and it was not until recently the question struck me, “Why?”; why do people really like listening to song of other languages? I mean there is no point listening when you don’t understand something. Isn’t that right? So other people aside, why do I like listening to these songs?

After a little brainstorming, I was able to line up some things that make people like songs of different languages. It was however mostly through the analysis of my own preference. Flat out a lot of people like the way it sounds. When Tokyo drift was out, I had no idea what it meant, but the rhythm and sound combination was really cool. The music had the Tokyo and drifting feeling all about it and there wasn’t even a need to understand.

Very recently Gangnam style spread like wildfire, but why did people like the song? It was because of the unique dance style the artist introduced. The liking for that song was based on the dance culture it created and people love the song anyway even most of them don’t understand a word.

There are also several types of music fans. Some are very strict about the lyrics and they want the lyrics and sound combination to convey a perfect message whereas for some fans, it’s all about music. Even in a language they understand they don’t bother listening to the lyrics. After all, music is considered a universal language with no language barriers. Personally I enjoy the emotions conveyed by any song I like and I rarely give attention to the lyrics unless of course I find the song title amusing.

There was this one song “Because I’m a girl” by Kiss which I really loved because of its touching video. There are some songs with really powerful videos that make people listen to the songs. They eventually start liking the songs because of the videos and anytime they hear it on the street or somewhere, they can immediately connect to the visuals in their memory.

 There are a lot of people who like Spanish songs because the language itself sounds very soothing. Unlike many other languages, Spanish language has a very smooth flow that I sound amazing especially with singers who sing with very deep vibratos. There are also people who start liking songs in different language simply because a lot of people like them and they are famous.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SEO for UK business websites

In case you are the owner of a UK based business website, and want it to rank high in search engines for the relevant keywords, the best thing to do is hiring a UK based SEO (Search engine optimization) company, to optimize it for you. Although there is no shortage of various SEO firms, SEO is really a specialist job, and is not something that anyone can pull off and deliver good results. And a UK SEO firm is usually capable of delivering good results for UK websites. Especially if you are targeting your products or services on your website at visitors and clients from UK, using someone outside the country might not be the wisest thing to do as there is a bigger chance of not getting the results you require.
Even in the UK SEO market, there are many companies that offer various SEO services. However, not all of them have a clear idea of what they are doing, and some of them might even use Black-Hat SEO methods, which might get you quick results but will do your rankings more harm than good in the long run. If your website gets penalized by search engines for using Black-Hat SEO, it will not be a fun experience to get those penalties lifted. So it is very important to choose a reliable company if you want to see good results within a short time period, without doing any long term harm to your search rankings. But how can you spot a good SEO firm for your business website from the crowd?

If you have a professional website, the best way to get good results is hiring a professional SEO company, a company that knows what they are doing. There are many signs that will help you choose a good SEO firm; keep your eye on the following when you are looking for an SEO company for your UK business website.

Knowledge in new SEO practices

The SEO landscape is forever changing. So always contact the SEO company and check their knowledge on the latest SEO techniques before choosing them to optimize your website. You do not have to be an SEO guru to do this. Visit some SEO forums and check what the discussions are about. If the company does not seem to be aware of the latest SEO strategies, it is better to avoid them.

Good track record

A good SEO firm will likely have a nice portfolio, which includes the previous projects they have done and their results. You can check how many UK websites they have optimized and the results they delivered. If you want, you can go a step forward and contact those mentioned websites and confirm the results.

Dedicated campaign management

A reliable SEO company will always have a dedicated team for each campaign, with a dedicated project manager. Each team will include members specialized in various aspects of SEO and your project manager will be available around the clock to answer your questions and keep you up to date with the progress of the campaign.

Online advertising

Any professional SEO company will also have a fair knowledge of various online advertising methods, such as PPC and Google ad words, in addition to SEO services, and, if you want, will be able to offer you SEO campaigns combined with online advertising.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attract a Woman – Dress to Impress

By the end of this blog entry, you will realize how women perceive men when it comes to clothing, know what to wear and what not to wear when going out as well as try out new things and get comfortable in whatever you wear. 

One of the reasons that we women attract men more often is that we make a real effort to look good before we go out. A woman always loves shopping since they always love to look good. They try out so many clothing items before they settle on a few that they really want. On the other hand, most men hate shopping except for the diehard metro sexual. Women are more conscious of designer brands and the latest fashion trends while men do not seem to notice this as much. You may not notice, but a woman will scan you from top to bottom and if you are not dressed up to a certain standard and you look out of place, you can certainly bid adieu to any date even before you approach her.  

So in order to attract a woman, you have to be unique and creative when dressing up since that is equally important just as your etiquette in order to have an advantage. Dressing as an average male will certainly not give you a psychological advantage when approaching a professional woman. The everyday t-shirt and pair of jeans is a big NO and there are a few reasons as to why. It might be your favourite pair of jeans but it is definitely outdated and also wearing your daily outfit without making an effort to look good is not appealing at all. Wouldn’t you want to look smart and professional and stand out in a crowded party or office function? When you are in your comfort zone it is definitely harder to approach a woman while if you dress up, you feel more confident. Always go for the latest trends that are available for purchase. Be more alert and follow a few fashion magazines and online stores that offer you the latest brands. However, do not just go on a shopping spree and pick up what you see at first glance. Browse through the clothes and seek for advice. A woman will willingly help you to decide on what the latest fashion trends are and what they think will look good on you.

It has also been noted that it is not only men who are attracted to the colour red, it applies to women as well. The reactions are the same. Red represents power and passion as well as confidence. Colour makes a huge difference when choosing your clothes. Be daring and go with a range of colours to suit various occasions. Do not just stick to single dark colours such as black and blue. Be bold and Dress to Impress!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holding Traffic for the Long Term

By increasing number of SEO experts make easier to get high PageRank. There are hell number of ways to do this such as getting more number of backlinks, submit articles to diverse directories with their links, etc.…

Bringing about to fascinate traffic to your site by means of SEO techniques is the next thing to maintain the numbers and ensure your site remains widely held.

For this there are a number of measures including getting domains that will be used to build traffic driving sites with link to your main page, intensifying your market niche by aiming new clients and users to your site, preparing satellite pages and use keywords associated to the particular merchandise and services that you desire to venture in, getting additional back links, cross-links and other links between your main domains which will improve your page ranking, bringing out content that is relevant to your industry and posting it to your site. Suchpersistentrising progression with steadygrowth will mark a successful SEO movement.You should be enduring while spreading over SEO strategies if you are in the business for the long run. So the website will progressively build its own fame and put up with traffic in the long run.

If your Web site's aim is to obtain long-standing, incessant, skilled search engine traffic, SEO is the best strategies for that.

In the long run, the clearest focus of the different search engines like Google and Yahoo will change. The superlative SEO strategy for controlling such state is to merely ignore it. As a substitute of exerting your effort on modifying your site to bump into the demands of the search engines, you can offer more substance and value to your website.

Long-term SEO is a small set of principles. Long term search engine optimization is neglecting the beliefs about current search technologies. You should generate the most useful, advantageous site people will find in search and link to it.Long-term SEO basically put down a basis of upright content and starts constructing on that. And alsoforestalls changes in seasons, the takeoff of new marketing campaigns, and the creation of new products, services, brands, and ideas.

Long-term SEO makes it easy to raise a website and to manage a Website’s crawl. This methodmakes things easiersuch as complexities, excludes the confusion, and allows for progression and change. Change may cause in either expansion or reduction as well as in directing a whole new set of keywords.

It treats the time and assets you dedicate to building and marketing a Web site as an investment. It cannot lodge you from every search algorithm adjustment. It’s not about changing to search algorithms in the least. Long-term SEO pushes a Website en route for the future by generating value that people will want to search for irrespective of what the search engine algorithms are doing too low-value content.

So long Term SEO techniques are the prominent thing to preserve the numbers and ratify your site remains widespread.

For more details please refer this BLOG

Monday, February 25, 2013

Benefits of Yoga

I thought of sharing some benefits of yoga with you.

So I’ll start like this. What is yoga? Yoga has had vast press over recent years and so many more people are realising the benefits of both mentally and physically. For people who like to follow this, advantages are amazing. Even I didn't believe this till I start.

• Improving cardiovascular fitness and circulation.
• Reduce stress level and nervous tension in the body. 
• Improves posture and strength in the body.
• Strengthen the digestive system. 
• Improves sleep. 
• Improves the nervous system.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Stronger core and learner muscles- all those vinyasa flows pay off.
• Increase your level of gratitude and love for others and yourself.