Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why do people like to listen to music in different languages?

As an avid fan of music who cannot even imagine of living in a dimension without music, I do a lot of research and thinking about different types of music, different instruments, different music programs and musical cultures. I love listening to songs in different languages and it was not until recently the question struck me, “Why?”; why do people really like listening to song of other languages? I mean there is no point listening when you don’t understand something. Isn’t that right? So other people aside, why do I like listening to these songs?

After a little brainstorming, I was able to line up some things that make people like songs of different languages. It was however mostly through the analysis of my own preference. Flat out a lot of people like the way it sounds. When Tokyo drift was out, I had no idea what it meant, but the rhythm and sound combination was really cool. The music had the Tokyo and drifting feeling all about it and there wasn’t even a need to understand.

Very recently Gangnam style spread like wildfire, but why did people like the song? It was because of the unique dance style the artist introduced. The liking for that song was based on the dance culture it created and people love the song anyway even most of them don’t understand a word.

There are also several types of music fans. Some are very strict about the lyrics and they want the lyrics and sound combination to convey a perfect message whereas for some fans, it’s all about music. Even in a language they understand they don’t bother listening to the lyrics. After all, music is considered a universal language with no language barriers. Personally I enjoy the emotions conveyed by any song I like and I rarely give attention to the lyrics unless of course I find the song title amusing.

There was this one song “Because I’m a girl” by Kiss which I really loved because of its touching video. There are some songs with really powerful videos that make people listen to the songs. They eventually start liking the songs because of the videos and anytime they hear it on the street or somewhere, they can immediately connect to the visuals in their memory.

 There are a lot of people who like Spanish songs because the language itself sounds very soothing. Unlike many other languages, Spanish language has a very smooth flow that I sound amazing especially with singers who sing with very deep vibratos. There are also people who start liking songs in different language simply because a lot of people like them and they are famous.


  1. People love different music to feel the spirit of music.